Disinfection by UltraViolet Light

Even in times of this modern pandemic most of the sanitization methods we use are about centuries-old, high temperature, and chemicals are used the most in the process. But the question arises are these processes most efficient in terms of cost, effectiveness, and time took?

The UV spectrum is divided into 3 types which are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Out of all these, UVC is used in sanitization. Leaving the technical aspects aside these are the disadvantages of using UV light to sanitize.

● UV disinfection is non-toxic: One of the most important aspects of UV sanitization is it doesn’t leave behind any harmful things. It’s a physical process, unlike its chemical processes. It is even safe to use it on food. So it’s a perfectly safe process to sanitize hospitals, restaurants, schools, and even our kitchens.

● UV disinfection is extremely effective: UV light is effective on a wide range of pathogens so you don’t need a different variety of chemicals to disinfect. For example, it can also get rid of mold and fungi spores. Also, chemicals usually require water which can leave a damp place, an ideal situation for moulds and fungus isn’t it?

● UV takes care of pathogens that have developed an immunity towards chemicals: Recent years we have seen bacterias and viruses evolving and building immunity towards chemicals and antibiotics. The SARS-CoV-2 virus evolves rapidly that’s why it’s really difficult to make an antibiotic. 

However, UV light disinfection is a physical method for killing bacteria. Only UVC wavelengths which are less than 250nm can interact with DNA and RNA materials. It directly targets pathogens’ genetic material thus killing them after deforming their RNA or DNA. What’s more is RNA is relatively less stable than DNA, which majorly constitutes viruses, making it ideal during this pandemic.

● UV light cleans wherever it touches: The problem with chemicals is that you have to be present in an area and sanitize the whole space. However, with the UV light, you can start disinfection any time the room becomes unoccupied with just a touch of a button. And not only that it can reach areas which would be manually inaccessible.

● Minimal or no staff training is required: Present UV light setups are user-friendly hence it’s very easy to use them. Also, there is no point of staff negligence and normally staff would miss some spots just because they have to hurry or they are simply lazy. Also as pathogens are not visible with a blind eye, we may not have appropriate chemicals to deal with the pathogens in the room. However, with Renesola UV light setup, we just have to turn on the setup and leave the room that way and owing to the effectiveness of the setup 99.9% of pathogens are neutralized. 

● UV light is cost-efficient: Unlike chemicals which have to be bought regularly, life and cost of a UV bulb have increased and decreased respectively. The life of a Renesola UV

bulb exceeds 8000hrs today. Hence, using UV light to disinfect significantly reduces the cost of the disinfection process.

● Eco-friendly disinfection: Chemicals leave huge traces of them behind not to mention a huge amount of energy required to make them and are also toxic to the people who will be using the facility. Heat disinfection uses a lot of energy. Disinfection through UV light is probably the most eco-friendly as it uses the least amount of energy and there are no materials left behind.

● Portability: Another huge advantage that UV has is the minimal setup, it requires just a UV Bulb and energy source. Unlike chemicals, it’s also easy to take to places without the danger of them spilling. For example when on a trek and out of the water you can easily use UV light to disinfect water from random sources which would be completely impossible using chemicals.

Renesola’s new UV germicidal lamp series improves on all of these points. We provide 360° protection so the protection is all around without missing a space. The new UV lamps are attuned to the wavelength effective against SARS-CoV-2. The systems are remote controlled and even have extra security added where it turns off whenever a person comes too close to the setup as UVC exposure can be really harmful.

The use of UV light-based disinfection greatly adds to the repertoire of the businesses and institutions. Cause not only reduces the costs it also makes the businesses and institutions eco-friendly and clinically clean, which has become of utmost importance during this time of environmental awareness amongst the major population.